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Our broad-based knowledge comes from our team’s more than 30 years of international real estate, shopping center and retail experience. We would be pleased to share this knowledge with you. Thus, over the last few years, we have developed numerous publications, and it is important for us that we pass them on to you on your way to the top. Our most recent creation is the Retailer’s Guide to Commercial Leases in Austria.

Along with the opening of the European domestic market in the early 1990’s, a development occurred in the retail trade industry that many experts referred to as the internationalization of the retail trade industry. This development spread to Austria throughout the course of Austria’s entry into the European Union. Since that time, numerous international retailers have entered the Austrian market, which is highly sought after due to its economic stability and, when compared to other international players, considered to have high purchasing power – and thus serves as a magnet for retailers focused on expansion.

Many international chains that dared to jump into the Austrian market have since become a solid part of the Austrian business landscape.

In order for you, too, to create a successful presence on the Austrian market, specialized preparations and plans are required. At the end of the day, only solid knowledge of conventional legal and market conditions can guarantee one’s desired economic success. We have created a handbook for this in the Retailer’s Guide to Commercial Leases in Austria, which covers the following subjects:

  • A general introduction to the Austrian shopping center market
  • Tips on how to best position shopping centers and retail parks
  • A short summary of Austrian tenancy law
  • A comprehensive description of the rules typically applied to retail lease contracts
  • A list of possible agreements prior to the conclusion of a lease contract and
  • An overview of the costs incurred when concluding a contract

The central theme and focus of the guide refer to the leasing of commercial premises, with all of the implications that doing so entails. The Retailer’s Guide to Commercial Leases in Austria was written in both the English and German languages, so as to provide assistance to international retailers as well.

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